Sims Parker and Kidd was formed to provide a first class professional drone based inspection service in a fast paced and quickly diverging industry.  The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have issued Sims Parker And Kidd with a licence  to operate commercially.

The licence is known as “Permission for Commercial Operations” and is often referred to as a PfCO, in the case of Sims Parker and Kidd we have been granted permission to fly commercially during the day and or night. We are also members of the Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (ARPAS)UK.

We follow a very strict code of conduct to meet all of the very stringent CAA and industry guidelines to insure safety is always of paramount importance and adhered to.

Sims Parker and Kidd have £2,000,000.00 worth of public liability cover.

Vision and passion coupled with first class customer support and focus drives what we do at Sims Parker and Kidd. Collaborative working is very much at the heart of what we do, this way of working provides tangible benefits to clients, project stakeholders and suppliers alike.

We receive a variety of calls both from existing and potential clients asking for support in areas such as construction/ facilities management/ aerial photography and videography all of which are supported by our modern fleet of specialist aircraft and piloting software.

Sims Parker and Kidd services are not restricted to aerial imaging and videography alone, we have recently launched our virtual tour service which uses the Matterport 3D Camera system.

As we have already mentioned earlier Sims Parker and Kidd have worked collaboratively with other project stakeholders, Moore Photographics is one such project stakeholder who we have an ongoing working relationship with.